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The Summer Solstice 2021 Day 1 - The Catskills Cycling Route

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Perhaps our most challenging route to date, Day 1 of our 2021 Summer Solstice Adventure takes us on a cycling journey through the Catskills in Upstate New York. The 145+ mile route departs from just south of Poughkeepsie and ends at the Red Rose Motel in Roscoe, NY. 

This route tackles a number of challenging climbs including Devil's Kitchen. After traveling North from Poughkeepsie to Ashokan Reservoir and then tackles Devil's Kitchen, a 2-mile climb at 11% average incline. The route then travels West through the Catskills and ends at the Red Rose Motel in Roscoe, NY. 

*The route is a very challenging and long route. Devil's Kitchen is an extremely technical and dangerous road with poor surface and visibility. Riders should exercise extreme caution and ride at their own risk. This route is merely a guide and does not have to followed turn by turn. For questions, please email

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