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River Road Cycling Route

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River Road lies within the Palisades Park. The park is part of a broader network of parks known as the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, which is comprised of 19 state parks and protected nature preserves throughout Northern New Jersey and Upstate New York. Road cycling in Palisades Park takes place from dawn ‘til dusk on Henry Hudson Drive, colloquially referred to as River Road.

River Road commences just south of the GWB on the West side of the Hudson River and travels north for 8 miles, culminating with a 1-mile climb up Alpine to the Ranger Station. From there, most cyclists either continue north or return to the city via Route 9W. The round trip from Midtown Manhattan takes approx. 2.5 hours and you’ll cross paths with fellow riders on this route at all hours of the day, be it first thing in the morning before work, or as the sun begins to set. River Road is without a doubt our little slice of cycling heaven.

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