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Atelier & Laboratory

RUBBER N' ROAD is independently owned, committed to sustainability, and designed, prototyped and tested in New York City. Our atelier, located above our flagship store in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, is where we conceptualize, analyze materials, design and prototype every piece for RUBBER N’ ROAD. 

Our co-founder, Gil, creates the sketches, initial patterns and concept garments for key pieces sold by RUBBER N’ ROAD. Pattern-making is a lengthy process, but it’s one of the things that sets us apart. A pattern determines how an athlete interacts with a piece, how it feels, and how the piece performs. Instead of using common patterns, we take great pains to ensure that the pattern we build for our key pieces expresses original beauty and brings to life a new class of performance and fit, which results in great gains for the athletes we design for.

Once the pattern is in a good place, we create a concept piece. This allows us to test the pattern's concept, but also get feedback from our co-founder, Max, as well as RUBBER N’ ROAD customers. Once we’re confident that the the concept piece is perfect, we work with some of the world's top pattern makers, technical experts, and sewing teams to prepare the concept piece for production and produce a first production sample.

We take inspiration from literature, film, photography, fashion and philosophy – but above all from our relationship with New York City, its high fashion, street culture, and its arts.

Knowing what our customers want to achieve and what drives them on and off the road inspires us to create high-performance techncical apparel that will help athletes everywhere achieve their dreams.

Much of our manufacturing is also done in NYC, often within a one-mile radius of our boutique and atelier. 

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