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Greetings From Seoul

Greetings From Seoul

Our brand community has grown globally since launching our first RUBBER N’ ROAD collection in the fall of 2022. Korea is no exception. Seoul’s rich culture, food scene, and style are as vibrant as the Korean capital’s RUBBER N’ ROAD community.

In early October 2023, we ventured to the Far East to visit members of the RUBBER N’ ROAD community in Seoul, South Korea, and spend some quality time with our retail partners in Korea, Club B in the trend-setting Gangnam-gu neighborhood.

Posing with the pandas at the summit of Seoul's N Tower.

The next day, we explored the city on two wheels, relying almost entirely on Seoul's well-developed network of bike paths. We rode through the heart of the city to N Tower, which overlooks the downtown and offers sweeping views in all directions, together with key members of the RUBBER N’ ROAD community in Korea, and Club B staff. Tradition dictates that atop the ascent, we take photos with the pandas at the mountain’s summit. 

The RUBBER N' ROAD community in Seoul.
On Saturday morning, we took on the 9th chapter of the RNRNYC™ Global Ride Series for this year, this time hosted by Club B. Over 40 riders showed up, and together, we ventured beyond the city limits, utilizing Seoul’s extensive network of protected bike paths. 
RUBBER N' ROAD riders in Seoul.
RUBBER N' ROAD riders at Kapebom Cafe outside Seoul.
We covered over 100km, all on protecte
d greenways, and traveled East along the Han River to Kapebom, a popular coffee stop for cyclists in Yangsu. Kapebom is the perfect stop for cyclists during an adventure from Seoul, offering strong espresso and Korean egg sandwiches, pastries and ride nutrition. 
RUBBER N' ROAD riders in Seoul.

The RUBBER N’ ROAD community in Korea possesses a palpable camaraderie that is rooted in a passion for riding and enjoying the outdoors. Everyone in the group was amicable and welcoming.

RUBBER N' ROAD riders along the Han River in Seoul.

We’re excited to the RUBBER N’ ROAD community in Korea, and our retail partner, Club B, for hosting us for the first Asian edition of the RNRNYC™ Global Ride Series. We look forward to visiting Seoul again and exploring the fantastic riding beyond the city’s limits. 

Honorable coffee mentions go to Cremano Haebangchon, which offers free bike parking, and Tailor Coffee Sinsa, serving excellent pour overs, milk-based espresso drinks and pastries. 

Special thanks to Club B for the hospitality.

Photo Credit: @clubb.collection @kkong_RnR & Wooseok Kim

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