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Free Shipping $75+ | 30-Day Free Returns | NYC House Now Open

Woolf Knee Warmer

by Q36.5

The Q36.5 WoolF Knee Warmers blend synthetic and natural fibers to create a comfortable, ergonomically shaped knee warmer that provides warmth in cold riding conditions. We recommend covering the joints below 60ºF, and these knee warmers are rated for 35ºF and above.

Designed with an ergonomic construction to support and prevent any discomfort during the pedal stroke. A revised leg grip system keeps the warmers in place during exercise, thanks to the raw cut that keeps them flat on your legs yet avoids constriction.

Shaped with the newly developed UF Active, a woven fabric that combines super fine threads of polyamide and merino wool, it offers an active thermoregulation that supports thermal comfort even when there are wide variations of intensity during a ride.

The clever allocation of the thread creates a double layered fabric: a dense polyamide external structure and an internal ‘sponge’ merino layer that absorbs humidity and works as a heat retainer, allowing for stabile temperatures even when damp and in wet conditions thanks to the durable water repellent finishing.

This is the ideal weapon to use to stay warm without adding extra weight. The fabric weighs a mere 175 g/m^2 but offers more thermal efficiency than a traditional knitted fabric of 250g/m^2.

Also, a reflective side insert increases visibility on the roads.

This garment is a part of our Cruise Equipment, conceived to be a riding companion for occasions when you need multifunctional insulation during every condition. Thanks to the specific construction of our UF Active fabric functionality is enhanced by creating a push of the internal sponge structure that removes moisture while working as a heat retainer in collaboration with the dense external structure that protects riders even when damp and also allows fast drying times.


  • 44% polyamide
  • 28% wool
  • 28% elastane


  • 70.5 g


  • Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 35°F

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