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Specialty Instant Coffee (1 Box = 5 Pouches)

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Enjoy Specialty Coffee wherever you are.
All you need is a mug and hot water.

One box contains: 5x sachets of Specialty Instant Coffee
... thats 5 delicious mugs, or 10 small cups!

- From The Barn Berlin - 

When we decided to release our first Specialty Instant Coffee a couple of years ago, four things were on our mind: 

  • How can we reach more people with higher coffee qualities 
  • Buying more beans from our farming partners at fair pricing 
  • Can we make it taste as good as a Long Black 
  • Avoiding waste 

On our search, we found a small scale manufacturer that was able to process Specialty Instant in a way that keeps the coffee purely natural and super delicious. Whenever our founder, Ralf,  visits our café partners, he secretly gives the baristas one of our instant coffees. To serve it as a Long Black when he is talking to the café owners. It always works: The owners usually ask him what this delicious new espresso is called. :-)

New Version by Swift
We have teamed up with Swift in the US. They delivered the best taste that is closest to the flavour experience that we have when we pull a Long Black with our coffee. 

Boa Vista Valley, Brazil
We have been working with this coffee from this farmer community that share a valley in the Sao Paolo region in Brazil.
They collaborate to innovate, evolve, and produce some of the region's most interesting coffee. We selected our particular lot for its clean flavours: Chocolate, Brazil Nut, Fudge and Sugar Cane sweetness. 

This coffee scores 86 points on the SCA chart.

Brew Guide
Pour one sachet in a mug, or split it into two small cups. We found a mug size that fits 250-280ml of water to be the perfect ratio of coffee to water. We highly recommend adding water only with a temperature of max. 80°C. This way your coffee is coming out very sweet and you can enjoy it instantaneously. 

When compared to a hand-brew roast you will notice that the instant brew is darker - the reason is that the Instant Coffee was produced with a high dose: From 1kg of roasted beans we produce less sachets than we would produce double shots on our espresso machine.

We find that the cup profile is best to compared to a Long Black: A big body with sweet and clean flavours. The softened acidity means that the Instant takes milk well, but we think it’s most delicious without.

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