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Free Shipping $75+ | 30-Day Free Returns | NYC House Now Open

Salopette Gregarius 3/4 Bib Shorts

by Q36.5

3/4 version of the iconic Salopette Gregarius Ultra bib shorts. New pre-shaped ergonomic cut. New proprietary cut for the crotch area with focused placement of the chamois.

Anti-stress cut. Proprietary leg band finishing. Super moulded chamois. Lumbar support panel.



  1. New pre-shaped ergonomic cut: As a result of Q36.5's detailed research into ergogenics, this model has a similar construction to the Salopette Elite, based on the principle of using minimal seams and strategically placed panels for added pedal stroke support.
  2. New proprietary cut for the crotch area with focused placement of the chamois: Q36.5 introduced a fabric insert that contains Dyneema® thread for robustness and improved thermoregulation in the chamois area.
  3. Anti-stress cut: A proprietary cut for the genital area, allowing more freedom of movement as well as increased comfort in the pelvic zone.
  4. Proprietary leg band finishing: No hot spots and less pressure on the area thanks to the raw cut at the bottom of the leg panels that keeps the shorts in place. Uncomfortable elastic band grips and silicon strips are things of the past.
  5. UF Knit44 ECO: A new proprietary knitted fabric with a 44 gauge (44 stitches per cm^2) density construction. Providing increased muscle support with 200g of weight, it’s robust and offers UV protection and sun deflection (1,5°C less than a similar regular black fabric). Made using only 100% polyamide and elastane yarns from recycled sources.
  6. New strap construction: Light and breathable.
  7. Super moulded chamois: Offers all-rounder support for training, competition and long distance.
  8. Lumbar support panel: High density woven stretch fabric augmented with silver thread works actively to improve stability and body alignment during the pedal stroke.

Chamois powered by Elastic Interface® CyTech Italy


  • 63% Polyamide 6.6
  • 36% Elastane
  • 1% Carbon Fibre (PAC)


188 g


Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 54°F

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