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Ovada Deep Winter Tights

by Isadore

The Isadore Ovada Winter Cycling Tights are Isadore’s thickest, warmest winter tight created for the coldest days on the bike. The windproof, insulating material is ideal for freezing and sub-freezing temperatures. These versatile tights are also water-resistant and include reflective elements for added safety in low-light conditions.


  • Suitable for ride in close-to-zero and sub zero temperatures
  • Self-cleaning: water & dirt runs off the surface
  • Water and windproof protection of tibia parts

The tights have excellent insulating properties and the go all the way to the ankle, ending in single stirrup to protect the achilles and keep the bottom part tuck in place.

NanoSphere®, the nanotech-based finishing technology allows dirt and water to simply run off the surface of the textiles. This mimics the natural self-cleaning effect of certain plants whose leaves always remain clean, because dirt simply cannot adhere to the finely structured surface, and is easily washed off when it rains. Must-have for late autumn and winter cycling enthusiasts.


A deep winter cycling bib tights
Winter bib tights for freezing conditions


Apart from the finishing technologies, Ovada’s fabrics are another central part of the tights. In total, we used 4 types of materials for good reasons:

Italian Thermoroubaix fabric
Where: chest part, popliteal area and ankles
Slightly perforated Italian Thermoroubaix fabric for ideal moisture management in the parts of moderate sweating.

Swiss thick sub-zero laminated fabric
Where: main body, back shin
Swiss heavyweight laminated fabric with very good elasticity. From the inner side it's soft brushed for maximum comfort and from the outer side it has a laminated layer to protect the rider from cold up to sub-zero temperatures.

Swiss perforated heavyweight fabric
Where: side panel, knee
Same Swiss heavyweight laminated fabric. Exceptionally elastic: it ensures performance and comfort on a bike. From the inner side it is soft and brushed; from outer side — has a laminated layer which is slightly perforated which means it's more breathable. It is placed on the most active parts to ensure excellent breathability and moisture management.

Austrian water- and wind-resistant reflective material
Where: front shin
The fabric is absolutely water- and wind-resistant; brushed from inside and with reflective laminate from outside. Strategically placed to enhance safety of the rider.


1. Softshell membrane Tights include two extra thick Schoeller® elastic softshell membranes knitted in Switzerland.

2. 4D technology Equipped with TMF® chamois made in Italy made of Airmesh, 100% recyclable material, this is the world’s first totally ecological chamois. Constructed with 4D technology it is totally seamless and pre shaped. Four multi structured levels optimizing shock and impact absorption.

3. Insulation Excellent insulating properties and the tights go all the way to the ankle ended in single stirrup to protect the achilles and keep the bottom part in place.

4. Ergonomic fit & compression Ergonomic fit shaping to provide enough compression and support. Finished with overlock stitching and as every our product these tights are label free (care instructions are printed) to avoid any discomfort from rubbing. Reflective signs and logo on both sides to enhance visibility.

Proudly made in EU.


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