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Free Shipping $75+ | 30-Day Free Returns | Please Expect Shipping Delays

Finca Sophia Gesha - Filter - 125g



Volcán, Panama

Peach, Grapes, Jasmine

- From The Barn Berlin –


Finca Sophia won multiple awards at the prestigious Best of Panama competition 2020. In the washed Gesha category it came in first with a sky-high scoring of 95.01 points and a record-breaking price of $1300.50 per pound.

The Cup

We are presenting one of the first top-scoring lots coming from Finca Sophia this season. It literally landed in Berlin just a couple of days ago. Notes of Peach, Grapes and Jasmine are predominant. In the cooling, flavors of Bergamot and Lime are coming through. The acidity is malic with a juicy mouthfeel. The finish is long and refreshing.

The Farm

Founded in 2008, Finca Sophia is located in the highlands of Panama, near the settlement of Nueva Suiza, just up the road from Volcan. At an altitude that tops 2,100 meters, Finca Sophia is one of the highest coffee farms in Panama, and is planted almost exclusively with Gesha. Pairing this legendary coffee variety with the extreme altitude of the farm results in a one of a kind coffee. In 2020 Finca Sophia is proud to have placed 1st in Washed Gesha, 2nd in Natural Gesha and been awarded the Panama Cup. Finca Sophia is an experimental farm and it was established to test the limits of coffee cultivation in Panama. While higher elevation promotes slow fruit maturation and high quality, it also presents a myriad of challenges, stressing
the coffee trees to an extreme not seen on farms just a couple hundred meters lower in elevation. Establishing coffee production on Sophia has been an epic adventure to say the least, with successes often followed by setbacks. Yet, the determination to produce a world class coffee has led the producers to respond to challenges with innovation and creativity, learning to grow coffee better with each harvest.

The Varietal

Gesha Coffee is rare and it is rated as one of the best coffees in the world. The plant was originally discovered in south-western Ethiopia in the 1930's. Fast forward, Daniel Peterson of Hacienda La Esmeralda in Panama famously re-discovered this exquisite coffee plant in 2004. The Peterson family started auctioning off their Gesha coffees and they are breaking world record prices for their lots. Based on the success of Hacienda La Esmeralda, coffees farmers have bought Gesha seedlings from Panama to recreate the amazing flavor profiles of this coffee on their own terroir.

Origin: Panama
Roast: Filter / Espresso
Producer: Finca Sophia
Altitude: 2100 Meters
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Washed



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