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Finca Gascon - Filter - 250g

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Antigua, Guatemala

Brown Sugar. Lemon.

- From The Barn Berlin -

We are thrilled to present for the first time a coffee from the exciting producer Felipe Contreras. At just 26, Felipe Contreras has been making waves with his dedicated approach to quality, experimentation, and sustainability. His Black Honey Lot grabbed our attention on the cupping table with an amazing depth of flavour and sparkling acidity.

Origin: Antigua, Guatemala
Roast: Filter
Producer: Felipe Contreras
Altitude: 1800 meters
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Black Honey

The Cup

A beautiful range of citrus and stone fruit notes: from fresh peach and apricot to the sweetness of lemon candy and brown sugar. The body is velvety and elegant, with a finish that is clean, long, and balanced with botanical character.

The Farm

Surrounded by volcanoes and protected nature, the breathtaking city of Antigua was once Guatemalas colonial capital and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Between 1700 and 2100 metres above sea level, Finca Gascon sits on soil that is rich with nutrients and minerals. At such high altitudes cherries mature slowly, making the most of this amazing terroir.

Felipe Contreras is one of the few producers who also roast the coffee they grow. We are excited to be part of his journey!

The Process

From a part of the farm with a unique microclimate, our lot from Finca Gascon was processed in the Black Honey style. Having meticulously measured sugar levels as the cherries ripen, Felipe is able to harvest and select cherries at the point of perfect maturity. Once picked, the outside skin is removed but the layer of fruity mucilage remains. Beans are then transferred to plastic barrels for a 48 hour anaerobic fermentation before drying on raised beds for around 22 days. This complex, hybrid process contributes to a unique and balanced profile.

Unlike other Honey processing styles, Black Honey leaves 100% of the naturally sweet mucilage surrounding the bean. As the beans dry, the mucilage helps impact depth and complexity, but careful attention is required to avoid over-fermenation or the development of mould. This dry processing style uses much less water than the washed processing often seen in Guatemala and is testament to Felipes drive to reduce the environmental impact of Finca Gascon.

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