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Dambi Uddo - Espresso - 250g

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Guji, Ethiopia


- From The Barn Berlin - 

Guji Highlands is home to some of the finest coffees in Ethiopia. Dambi Uddo is situated at very high elevation of 2145m, and it is segmented into six parts. We purchase all the coffee from our exclusive plot, Gatame. Our coffee is natural processed with intense flavours of blueberries, bergamot, and black tea. Strawberry and tropical fruits are coming through in the cooling. The body is sticky and rich.

Dambi Uddo farm is an exceptional site, a pioneering front for coffee, belonging to the Guji Highland Coffee Plantation. Growing in shade allows our cherries to ripen slowly and to produce particularly high sugar levels. All coffees grown here are ‘garden coffees’, which means they grow wild in the forest that flourishes on the farm and are fully organic.

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Roast: Espresso
Wodessa Yachisi
Altitude: 2145 Meters
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Natural

The farm takes its name from a tall tree very common in the wild forest located near the town of Shakisso. At the beginning of the 2000s, a part of the forest was transformed into plantations (150 hectares). These have preserved an agroforestry system where coffee is produced alongside honey and wood. In addition to its variety of soils and tree species, Dambi Uddo adopts strict environmental ethics: work is done by hand and no chemical products are used.

Producer Wodessa Yachisi contributes to the welfare of his workers and surrounding villages. With one hundred and fifty workers at picking, this farm is a strong contributor to the surrounding community. New roads, two schools, housing, healthcare, and education were investments he made into the future of this region.

Guji is located in the south of Ethiopia, bordering on the the Gedeo (Yirgacheffe) and Sidama zones. Guji is a vast forest area divided into three districts, Uraga, Kercha, Shakisso, producing coffees with specific profiles. The district of Shakisso is renowned for its characteristic spicy aftertaste. Urga coffee is known for its juicy flavour and Kercha is similar to Yirgacheffe. These profiles arise from an exceptional environment. Thanks to the quality of its forests, soils, and climate, Guji produces complex and unique coffees.

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