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Kiunyu AB - Espresso - 250g

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Berries, Chocolate, Creamy

- From The Barn Berlin -

This fully washed lot is cultivated by over 1,900 smallholders in Kirinyaga. Warm days give way to cool nights to achieve sweet, dense coffee cherries. 

Origin: Kirinyaga, Kenya
Roast: Espresso
Producer: Kiunyu Farmers
Altitude: 1650 Meters 
Varietal: SL28 / 34
Process: Washed


The Cup

We love the rich profile of this coffee and decided to roast it for espresso. Sweet berry compote and chocolate notes are dominating the cup profile. The creamy body is supported by a playful citric acidity. A clean finish with the floral note of black tea is unmistakably Kenyan.

The Farm

Across Kiandumu, farmers cultivate small farms of approximately 250 to 350 trees at altitudes of more than 1,650 metres above sea level. Recently, farmers have been receiving agronomic support from our export partners Sucafina Kenya to help maximise the standard of their coffee and the economic sustainability of their farms. With better access to soil quality information through the use of more modern technology and agronomical assistance, both tree health and cherry quality is improved. Farmers can reduce their reliance on fertiliser, while still improving yields and delivering the coffee quality that the washing stations prize.

‘SL’ varieties are cultivars originally released by Scott Agricultural Laboratories (SAL) in the 1930s and 1940s. They soon became the go-to trees for many growers in Kenya due to their deep root structure, which allows them to maximise scarce water resources and flourish even without irrigation. They are cultivated with a serious eye towards sustainability and Good Agricultural Practices, with minimal environmental impact where possible.


The Processing

The quality of Kenyan coffee is a result of both farming and processing standards. Smallholders selectively handpick only the ripest cherries and deliver them to the Kiunyu Factory: here the Cherry Clerk oversees meticulous visual sorting and floating, accepting only dense beans that will deliver the best flavour.

After sorting at the washing station, cherries are pulped and fermented. Following fermentation, coffee is washed in clean water and laid to dry on raised beds. Workers rake parchment frequently to ensure even drying. They cover drying parchment during the hottest time of day, to maintain slow, even drying and at night, to shelter parchment from moisture.

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