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Free Shipping $75+ | 30-Day Free Returns* | Shop Gift Cards

Hybrid Overshoes

by Q36.5

An Overshoe that you wear like a sock! This Essential piece of Equipment for mid-season riding is extremely lightweight and protective.

Hybrid Overshoes are part of the Q36.5 Wind Control category that uses our proprietary technology UF-Hybrid Shell PLUS. This is a super high-density woven proprietary fabric now augmented with an extra warming effect thanks to the Heat Fiber, a smart fiber on the inside of the face, which is produced from the residue from coffee bean processing. The fiber attracts far-infrared rays from the environment and uses them to heat the body.

Offering low volume, slender fit and durability, the Hybrid Overshoes have more. Thanks to the characteristics of the fabric, this accessory is very breathable, has an excellent water repellency and will protect your shoes and feet from chilly winds and dirty roads. Numerous reflective inserts ensures augmented visibility.


  • 39% Polyamide
  • 30% Polyester
  • 30% Elastane
  • 1% Silver


  • Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = 50ºF - 65ºF


  • Wind Control
  • Water Resistance


  • 70g

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