How long can you go for lunch meet?

So how long you can go for lunch meet ?

We decided to plan a ride for Ladkha tour discussion so first thought was to ride around 100 – 200 km and then come back however men will be men..

Today we did ride of around 450 kms under shinning sun (approx 40 deg ):D The ride was awesome, mix of NH4 clean 4 lane roads, hilly single lane roads and then off road and then no road…Yes we arrived at one location where there was no road at all and we just decided to move on with some windmill workers and they just kept saying move ahead..and we went around 30 km on no road between big windmills..

We started from Pune on 5.30 AM and reached back around 3.45 PM.

Had a tea at Khandala ghat and then Poha for breakfast at Mahableshware and then lunch at Satara..Got parcel of Satari kandi pedhe for kids..

Here is map..

And some photos..Yes only 3/4 because we ride a lot and click very less..


Got new GoPro Hero 4 Silver however still learning to use it..

Her is first try..



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