Saddle Sore 1000, we did it.

The Iron Butt Saddle Sore Journey…

The date is 11-11-11, the time is 3.51 AM and the location is Indian Oil petrol pump, Manik bag Pune. Weather is pretty cold  but still there is excitement in the air. Got the ATM receipt for starting proof and first snap of the day, ODO shows 13823 Kms. Bike engine started in single kick and started reviving with guts. Prashant is leading and Vishal is following, decided speed limit is 80 however accelerator twised and bike started running like panther, now ODO meter showing 110 kms/hrs with pain in it and we are afraid that ODO niddle will give up shortly. We are covering good distance in affordable time so decided to have first stop for cup of tea, Kolhapur is around 20kms from here and we are happy as we have covered around 173 kms, ODO shows 13996 kms.

Weather is still cold and the one cup tea is not enough, order one more, every one around us is looking at us with curiosity on their face about us and our bike with saddle bag etc. Second kick of the day, we are on Nipani hi-way not, the road is nice and lonely, so why we are waiting, let’s cruse :). Sun is rising and red shed is spreading everywhere. I am very excited for photo shoot however this ride is different and we are racing against time so just seat and enjoy. We crossed Nipani, Belguam, Prashant is singled that we need to collect receipt for proof as per IBA norms so gas station with computerised receipt hunt started, finally got one, so this is our 2nd break of the day, ODO shows 14115 Kms, we have covered 292 kms . Without spending lot time we are on the road again, now we crossed Dharwad, Hubbli and now we are feeling hungry and need a small break as well, sun is on head cheering us to ride. 🙂 I told Prashant insteed of stoping in hotel, we will stop on gas station this will help us to save time, collect receipt, he agreed and we zoomed in hunt of good gas station. We are in front of Indian Oil gas station with good shadow for rest. Lets top up both of the tank, we have energy bars and drinks with us so time to enjoy them. We are felling good that we covered 450+ kms and we are still fresh, we are thinking that we can do 1600+ kms in 24 hrs, our family and friends are watching us on Google latitude and they are also feeling good that we are making good progress. Prashant said let’s start again and we can take U turn whenever we feel. We are on the road again heading towards Davangere, Prashant let’s have famous Dosa and then decide if we can do it or not however  after sometime Prashant observed that petrol tank is vibrating lot and the base bolt is missing, we are near Haveri and decided to search for automobile shop for bolt before the tank condition goes worse. Lucky we got a Ashok Leyland automobile shop and bolt as well. We are doubtful about the bike’s reliability now so checked all the parts, we are still confused that shall we continue or rest and take a U turn. Some thoughts and The RedBull, I think we still have time till 4 PM, let’s see how long we can go and then take U turn. Deal and we are on road again hungry for 300 + kms. We crossed 100+ kms and bike is feeling hungry so search of gas station and immediately on road again ODO 14449, we have covered 600 + kms. We crossed Chitradurga, Sira, Tumkut is coming up, quick stop to calculate how much kms we can now in time, We still need 100+ kms.

Now Tumkur is crossed feeling hungry but time crunch so lets touch the wall. We crossed Tumkur and now  we are finding the wall is coming nearer. Finally, we clock shows 4 PM are we are around between Tumkur and Banglore, Hurry, ODO shows 14699 Kms and we have covered 826 kms in 12 hrs 🙂 good achievement however we need to cover the same distance to reach home and to be certified as Iron Butt! Time to stop and have some food and rest, filled gas for printed receipt, had idali Sambar.

We are encouraging each other to complete this ride successfully. We have started our back journey, this is critical as we have to drive in night for more than 10 hrs and we 11.5 hrs to complete the second part but the confidence is good. We are back on the road after 20 mins of break, after first 100+ kms sun said bye bye and the head lights are on, we are covering the good distance but the road is horrible, we faced same issue while coming but this is worse now as this is night time, you can find many vehicles, private buses coming from wrong side of road.

Prashant is leading now as I am not good night driver :), I am following him like tail. We have decided that we will stop only for fuel to save time. First stop in return journey, Indian Oil petrol pump at Davangere followed by 5 min wash-room break and on the road again, now the weather is turning cold so good for bike but bad for us ODO shows 14484 Kms and we have covered 1061 kms. On the road again, cities are zooming back we are just watching milestone, now hunger started for Kolhpur which is still more than 300+ kms. Quick stop for natural call at toll plaza as bad road is waiting for us, Hubli – Dharwad road is single lane without divider, we are more careful, this path of 35 kms and our speed went down on 80 kms/hrs. Shortly we passed through Dharwad, and time for refuelling. We are at HPCL pump Dharwad, ODO shows 15067, we have covered 1244 kms. Quick call to home as wife is continuously following me on Google latitude, she is excited too that we are going to complete this challenge however afraid and can’t express :). We are back on the road again, looks like Kolhapur is coming up and we are happy as we are back on home ground as Pune – Kolhapur is known route.

We are at Indian Oil pump Kolhapur, ODO shows 15249 kms and we have covered 1426 kms, eyes are tired however heart is still cursing mood. We are just 200 kms away from our destination but we are short on time 1.17 AM and we know that we can’t make it will 3.41 but still we are happy that we did it.

We have decided to have short break and get refreshed to avoid any mishap, we have 2 RedBulls, thanks to Prashant for that :), energy bars and RedBulls with some calculations that how can we reach in short time.

We have decided to stretch ourself and bike as well to manage the distance and time, we are back on the road again, eyes are waiting for milestone Pune 10 kms, we crossed Karad and Satara, decided to stop for quick natural call as its very cold :P.

Clock is showing 3.15 AM, we are toll naka after satara, we have only 40 mins to cover remaining distance. We are very tired and felling why this certification is named as Saddle Sore :P.

We started immediately, now we are on top speed milestones are zooming away. Finally we  reached Pune by pass and and then at out destination and ride ending point, we rushed to ATM to get receipt, its 4.24 AM, we are 20 mins late but we are still happy that we made it.

Quick SMS to wife about the good news, we talked for 10 mins to keep Prashant awake as he have to travel more 20 kms to reach home.

We are feeling proud that we made it without any issue, we enjoyed each and every moment, this will be one milestone for our riding book.

We can’t say we are certified Saddle Sore 1000 till IBA certify our ride but we know that we can do it again without any issue in less than 20 hrs.

If they certifies us, we will receive a number plate written “World’s Toughest Rider!”

Link to our map

More information about IBA

More information about certification Saddle Sore 1000

Was not able click more snaps.

Condition after 24 + hrs of riding.

Condition because of Cold


15 thoughts on “Saddle Sore 1000, we did it.

  1. Fantastic… feeling so proud about you two guys..!!! Great job.. Best luck for the certification.. am sure you will get it!!!!!! and then………. a big party 😉

  2. Vishal Dada, hello!! Saw your blog today for the first time… Wonderfully written… A perfect example for beginner bloggers(like me) to look up to… And, it’s amazing how much fun you had! Looking fwd to reading more!!

  3. Guys, a group of us are planning on doing the SS1000 next month on the 9th, since i have heard that the documentation is difficult we would be grateful if anyone could give us an idea about where they stopped and taked up, so that we could repeat the same and be sure that we get the right documents in order to achieve it successfully. Please mail any idea anything to
    thanks in advance.

    • Hey Krishna,

      I will suggest don’t plan more and don’t try to push you through schedule. Just follow your soul and go ahead with cation.
      What is your route?
      Mostly it depends on route, rode condition and traffic. Documentation is not where tough job. You just have to take prints of the 3 documents and fill it appropriately.

      1. Start point eye witness.
      2. End point eye witness.
      3. Time sheet. where you started ODO reading and other filling stops etc.

      Most important task is to keep the original receipts of fuel etc.


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