Monsoon refreshment – Diveagar

Old travelogue however still fresh as it happened yesterday.


Last 2 moths was very busy and not able to post or at least read anything here.

Here is some refreshment we had last weekend at Diveagar a nearest beach for Pune. It’s around 170 Kms from Pune through Mulshi->Tahmini Ghat. Road is very nice except some patches in the ghat section.

I though monsoon will be the off season however the beach was full of weekenders 

We did not plan a trip to Diveagar as it is our second home, so packed bags on Friday night and started on Saturday earlier morning. I was little confused about the weather so inquired with the contacts there and got confidence that weather is good so booked accommodation.

Accommodation cost is very low compared to MTDC Exotica, only 1000 Rupees/night also the main advantage that you will get good kokani food test.


Dolphin resorts is owned by a nice gentle man named Jagdish Chavan, he is a great artist.

We reached Diveagar by 12.30 checked in to the room and got ready for lunch , this is the second reason why I choose Diveagar every time.

Our resort owner had already booked our lunch with person called Parker, this is the one of the best caterers in Diveagar for Fish fry and Fish curry.

I will not describe the quality of lunch you can guess that from photo.

After lunch small nap and ready for beach walk. 

I will say Diveagar’s beach was very nice because these days this beach was full of tar and oil, don’t know the reason, we basically don’t like play in water so we just had nice walk and breeze for almost 2 hours. After that a long walk though Kokani wadi and back to resort.

We have lots of memories about this beach, here I fell in love with my wife 

As I said resort owner was very enthusiastic person, he called the get together. He did some entertainment stuffs for use like singing a song and story telling. I will say he is very good in marketing and relation building.

We order dinner, same menu Fish fry and Fish curry  and then end of the day.

On the Sunday morning we started on sea side road as we do on every trip, this is Diveagar To Shriwardhan road, very nice view of sea with rocks and white sand, this is around 5 kms patch but you can spend hours and hours there.

Then back to Diveagar for lunch and then way back to Pune.


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