The perfect dream – Pune To Goa on RE 350 STD.

This dream started on Aug 2009 when my bullet had had it’s 1st servicing and completed 1000 kms. The plan was to travel the stretch of 350 Kms from Pune to Goa via Amboli within 2 days. Our bikes were ready and so were our partners. The journey started on 27th Aug 2009 from Pune.

Here is the 2nd rider, Prashant, with his partner. He is the one who had this dream of riding on a bullet to Goa.

The clock was showing 7.45 AM and we are on the road with our metal bulls.

We were equipped with all the necessary tools like foot pump, puncture spanners … so no worries.

And the trip started with a speed of 80 Kms/hr, we were enjoying it a lot because the weather was nice. The first stop was at the petrol pump as Prashant thought his bike had low pressure in the rear wheel.

We started again with full speed heading towards the “Khandala Ghat”, a natural beauty. Riding the bullet in the ghat was an amazing experience! we passed the ghat on 2nd and 3rd gear.

Soon we were hungry so we stopped at a famous restaurant on satara road – “Virangula”. We had Sabudana wada, masala dosa and tea. By this time we had completed a 100 Kms.

Post breakfast we headed towards Kolhapur. The sun was smiling at us and the road was showing the direction to our destiny.

We halted every 80 Kms when our pavilion shouted at us.

We topped-up our tanks again moved ahead on “Nipani Highway”. The road was amazing. No traffic at all so we could easily reach 100Kms/hr.

We took a very small break on this highway because we were not familiar with this road and we had to reach Amboli before it was dark. We were very happy because everything was going as per the plan and all of us were enjoying the journey.

Again after a small ghat in between, we left the highway for a small road to Amboli.

The road was covered with huge trees on both the sides. Two metal bulls in all the  greenery.

Hurrey ! we reached Amboli!! It’s click time, get ready.

Checked into the hotel, don’t ask about the hotel condition :). After taking rest for half an hours we went to see the sunset point.

On the second day with renewed vigour, we went to the Amboli point.
Packed up for further journey towards Goa.
Sawantwadi ghat is tricky and we were driving 40 Kms/hrs. After passing the ghat I thought about a shout-cut and …
we thought we were lost however we still went on driving and after some miles passing through many desert streams we got the Bombay To Goa highway.. 🙂
Now Panjim was around 40 Kms away and we halted for lunch.
The weather was very hot because we were closer to the sea.  We then searched for the address where were going to stay for 2 days. The residence was nice but far from main city. Okkkk it’s rest time.
In the afternoon we went to the Kalangut beach and then for lunch.
Started 3rd day of our trip with a visit to a  nice beach and a fort in first half of the day. The weather was not so nice so we took a compulsory rest in afternoon.
This is the fort where the famous movie “Dil Chahata Hai” was shot.
After that we went to another fort which was used as a light house.
Unfortunately it started raining heavily and we had no place to stop. We decided to go to lunch but we unable to find a good (cheap) hotel. we travelled for 2/3 Kms in the rain and then we got a good hotel.
In the afternoon we went to old Goa again and  visited a beach and  the Dona Poula point.
The history of this point was, one couple named
Dona-Paula had committed suicide for love.
Rain was still fighting with us, but we being dare devils, were not going stop now.
Next we took a  ferry ride in the backwater and back to the hotel.
The ferry was not so good, very  noisy and the water was stinking. The next incident was a black dot on our trip.
On the way back to the hotel one rider tried to stop us while on a secluded road. I thought he must be a thieve and trying to take advantage of us being out of state. I signalled Prashant not to stop and accelerated my bullet. That person was fool trying to stop a Royal Enfield bullet 350 using one TVS vehicle. I managed to get to a crowded place and called some locals from a hotel.
Prashant went to ask that person about why he was chasing us but he ran away.
That was a very bad experience. We decided to leave Goa the next day because we didn’t want to spoil our trip with more such incidents.
The 3rd day when we woke up, it was raining we thought it would stop in a while, but no…
We started driving in the rain with our entire luggage. It was a very difficult ride with a speed of 20/30 Kms/hr with headlights on and water on the roads. We worried about the rain condition as it could damage our bikes however we had no option but to push ahead. We reached sawantwadi and stopped for break-fast.
Our plan was to go to Ratnagiri and then Diveagar, but because of the rain we decided to change it and we decided to go to the Tarkarli beach.
It was still raining and as we rode ahead people were looking at us…….perhaps thinking of our madness in driving in torrential rain. After travelling around 120 Kms we left the Bombay – Goa highway and moved to Malvan via a small road with streams and brooks full of water……rather we were riding through the streams since they had spilled over the road making it a big stream in itself.
Even though the water was up to the engine level, our faithful machines did not stop.
Finally we reached Tarkarli, we got only one room because there was no advance booking.
Our whole luggage was wet including mobile phones and bike documents and there was no space to dry everything under the fan.
We waited in the resort for around 7/8 hrs for the rain to stop, sipping hot tea frequently.
This is the perfect picture to show the rain there.
The 4th day again when we started it was still raining heavily. We were now heading towards Kolhapur as we wanted to leave this area(Konkan) and the rain behind as soon as possible.
After travelling 60 Km/hrs various small roads we reached the Bombay-Goa highway. We decided to drive around 120 Kms and then tack a ghat root towards kolhapur. We asked our wives to take a bus from one of the cities on highway but they were not ready to leave us in that horrible condition.
Yes, we know they love us very much. 🙂
Now the next big obstacle was the ghat. The road was very lonely with hardly any vehicles or people passing through. Now a new journey mate…. a thick fog, we weren’t able to see anything. We were unprepared for fog so our bullets didn’t have fog lamps.
After traveling through the fog for half an hour finally the weather Gods smiled on us with nice sunny weather.  We reached the Kolapur district and were happy because we were back in own region.
We booked a good hotel because by this time we were extremely exhausted. We had lunch and a nap for 3/4 hrs.
In the noon we went to famous temple called “Ambabai”, then to the lovers spot of Kolhapur…. “the Rankala lake”, and then to the market for some shopping.
This was the end of the 4th day.
On the 5th day of our journey we got up early, had break-fast and headed towards Pratapgad…a fort captured by the iconic ruler Chatrapati Shivajiraje Bhosale.
The road to the fort is very nice and the weather was good. This fort is around 40 Kms from Kolhapur.
We spent couple of hours there and came back to Kolhapur to pack-up. Now all that remained was the 250 Kms stretch from Kolhapur to Pune. The first halt was at Karad and then directly at “Virangula” where we had the first breakfast of this journey.
We reached the hotel and it started to rain again however it lasted only for half an hour. We left after having some food and here comes the last halt “Khade Shivapur”
and then to the starting point “Satart by-pass”.
We had small closing ceremony over there and headed towards home…..weary and exhausted but happy and proud of our adventure!!
Link to Google Map


17 thoughts on “The perfect dream – Pune To Goa on RE 350 STD.

  1. Vishal/Prashant

    Awesome ………..Guyz..

    I can’t find another word….

    “Awesome” ………

    Keep Rocking ………


  2. Wow…!! Mast lihila aahes! It feels as if mich Goa visit karun aalie.. Bullet war… 🙂
    Photos pan chaan aahet.. 🙂 aani Model (bullet) pan chaan distie tumchi.. 😉

    hey lets plan another trip.. i mean another one for you but the first one for us.. 😛
    ani aamchya bike la jhepel aashi trip karu.. what say! 😀


  3. nice description buddy…n yeah Awesome pics from a amateur! 🙂
    vr heading Tarkarli on yr end wid a thndrbrd n a zma…
    ur writeup has made hell’ eager for the Roadtrip

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